Command line tools wrappers

Author : Alex Sorokin,
Copyright - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


The tools present simplification of Amazon command line API. They eliminate a need for individual and repeating scripts in the task folder. This is convenient when the number of tasks grows or a single task is split into multiple separate batches. The tools rely on some basic file naming conventions that I use and that is described below. After simple installation, the tools allow to submit tasks to MT quite easily.

Download and installation

  1. Download scripts_v0.1.tgz
  2. Untar the content somewhere. (e.g. to ~/bin/)
  3. Edit ~/bin/scripts_v0.1/env.source:
  4. Run bash and do source ~/bin/scripts_v0.1/env.source (every time you start new shell). Alternatively place it in your .bashrc .

File names

File names are mostly the same as in Amazon MT samples:

Use example

  1. Keep a set of files in a single folder, say ~/mturk/example1 (workload.input,,workload.question)
  2. Go to ~/mturk/example1
  3. Run -sandbox. Now you have your HITs uploaded to sandbox environment
  4. Go to worker's sandbox and do a couple HITs
  5. Run -sandbox. This will create workload.results file.
  6. Finally you accept the results and delete the HITs from the MTurk by running MT_


(explanations are coming - they pretty much do the same as respective Amazon Command Line tools commands )

(see bonus example)